Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IAE V2500 turbofan engine

These 2 shaft high bypass turbofan engines have a fan blade Diameter of 1.613 meter
Fitted to Vietnam Airlines A321 aircraft, engine is 3.2 meters in length
weight in at about 2400 kg each, here is the tail end of the engine


Hank said...

Lovely shots! I love the sound of those IAE turbines! Just curious. When we flew SGN-HAN, we were sched on B772 but they pulled and A330 to the gate. I am unsure if it was a A332 or A333 (I guess A333 for domestic), but not sure. Keep up the great shots! Would love some OZ B74E shots! My first Combi flight was on OZ ICN-SGN!

Flyingchinaman said...

Hi Hank, thank u for visiting. VNA has taken in quite a few 330s the last few months and have been using them on short domestic and regional routes, freeing the 777s to fly the long hauls. 747s visiting SGN will be from United, Cargolux or Korean Air. Will include some soon. cheers

Hank said...

Looks like OZ changed from the 747-400 Combi to a A330-300 for the ICN-SGN flight. OZ731 was the flight. Thanks again