Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brand New Radome A320

This morning I came to work to find a new "nose" on my plane
The engineers have installed a new Radar Dome (Radome) on her last night
Good to go till they find time to paint her nose


Anonymous said...

Can you tell the story of the shopping cart on it's side under the nose?

flyingchinaman said...

Glad you noticed...=) Sometimes the engineers or cleaners will bring their bags and equipment to meet the plane. Those are airport baggage carts, not shopping carts.

Hank said...

Seems that there have been a number of radome changes on the VN fleet. Any reasoning behind it? New avionics? Just curious.

flyingchinaman said...

its the monsoon season here in Vietnam, sometimes planes have no choice but fly through heavy weather. Radomes being at the pointy end of the plane tend to get strike by lightning, eroded by ice particles.