Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fill Her Up !!!

Fuel Page on the A321, here it shows the Maximum Fuel her tanks will take. Good for a journey of close to 7 hours.
Total of 21120 KG of Jet Fuel, distributed Left (6100), Centre(6540), Right(6110) tanks & Addition Centre Tank(2360)


Hank said...

So, I am really waiting to see if VN actually gets the A380 to expand and allow direct flights to the US. You think it will happen? Even withe the new Skyteam membership it is still a racket to get to SGN or HAN without making 2 or more stops enroute. We had to fly STL-DEN-SFO-ICN-SGN....ugh!! Asiana was great but it would be nice to to STL-LAX-SGN!!! Thoughts?

flyingchinaman said...

A380 if VNA confirm their order will be for the long range improved version, that allow for higher takeoff weight. I am banking on the B787 & A350 for the next 5 years. Direct flights to the US? I see it happening end of next year.