Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Xmas Cheers!!

A HOT Red & Green Chillies Thai Xmas to All!
Ginger Bread House Xmas to the Sweet Tooth Fairy
Faux Helium filled Snow Man for the Tropical Xmas in Asia
A CHocoholic Xmas to all
An Irish Stout Xmas to all the Alcoholics


shoeluva said...

i like the snowman for tropical christmas!!! Its snowing here:(

amasc said...

Merry Christmas Flying Chinaman. The Guiness picture wasn't taken here was it?

FlyingChinaMan said...

Guiness picture was taken in Kuala Lumpur! Cost me an arm and a leg.......well not so much....as its happy hour! Cheers amasc, u have a Great Year ahead!